Reflections from dive trip to Cozumel May 2006


Still “Big name” in dive industry ,lots of famous dive spots, superb drift diving, though marine life and reefs got quite a hit after 2005 hurricane , dive traffic too heavy as for my personal taste.




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Variety availableresort gardens from backpackers lodge type to 5*.We stayed at 4* Occidental Grand Cozumel,very comfortable, upscale, full inclusive,clean rooms,daily service, plentifull  good variety food, we dined mostly at the buffet, but “theme restaurants” are also available.


Water temp :was constant 80.6 F(27 C) during our stay, Viz 60 to 100ft (18-30m) Surge -none, Current : usually very strong. Dive spots : there’s myriad of resources describing dive spots in detail, many spectacular places like Punta Sur, Palancar etc, unfortunately I dive mostly to watch and photograph marine life and reefs around Cozumel got quite a serious hit from hurricane Wilma in 2005.This does not  apply to deep reefs though, but even there you can see less prolific marine life then in other parts of Carribean or then years ago (I was there in 2001)You’ll see lots of turtles though and many varieties of reef (ugly)fishes, but chances of seeing sharks ( other than nurse shark) and big pelagics are slim.


Dive shop:“Dive Palancar”,fast, comfortable boats, professional, friendly staff, close to virtually all famous dive spots, Nitrox available for surcharge, adequately stocked rental supplies.

My 11 y/o son Chris got his first certification there (PADI openwater) and joined me as a buddy for last few days of diving.

On a downside: rookie divers, who will use their air supply within 15-20 min. Nedless to say it’s better not to buddy up with them. Every day you’re assigned to a different boat, eventually this leads to visiting same spots several times.

In a nutshell :This place has still something to offer for a serious diver, but if scuba is your mental fixation and you’re looking for pristine reefs and other mad divers, you may consider other places.


Divers on a boat